Bonsai Pots and Bonsai Tools occasionally available


Hennie uses the full range of bonsai tools in his work, and also has an eye for sturdy and unique bonsai pots

As your knowledge of bonsai grows you will understand the importance of choosing the right bonsai pot to better show off the attributes of your bonsai.

Round barrel type pots work a charm for a Literati Style bonsai(tall and slender) while a bonsai shaped in the Broom Style really looks sturdy in a rectangular pot.

Hennie often has bonsai pots available, but please do enquire before visiting us for bonsai pots only. We often have bonsai enthusiasts who come to buy pots so we might be sold out when you get to us!

When it comes to bonsai tools, there are a wide assortment to choose from and most bonsai books will explain the use of these tools well, but where to find them? Bonsai tools are often imported and therefore some tools can come with a serious price tag. Hennie can advise on the right tool for the job and also occasionally has tools and wire available.

As Hennies Bonsai is mainly a supplier of good quality bonsai trees and starter trees, we would just like to remind visitors to enquire about the availability of tools and pots for sale before they visit, should they wish to purchase bonsai tools and bonsai pots.

With decades of experience in the Bonsai industry, Hennie Smit welcomes you to visit his informal bonsai Growing Nursery in Tzaneen and visit his private Bonsai garden to view his spectacular Bonsai collection.

Although we do not deliver to other areas of the country, we welcome both the public and garden centres to visit us for their bonsai needs. We have thousands of starter trees and Yamadori growing happily at our Growing Nursery, waiting for their new home.

Visit Hennie’s Bonsai, one of the largest bonsai growing nurseries in South Africa. Make an appointment today!


We sell our bonsai at whole sale prices to Nurseries and members of the Public who visit us at our informal bonsai nursery in Tzaneen, Limpopo, South Africa.

Our love for everything bonsai comes through in the care and maintenance of our quality starters trees, all the way to the best trees in Hennie’s Collection.


Hennie’s Bonsai doesn’t just have one of the largest collections of bonsai trees for sale in South Africa, but also often has quality imported bonsai pots, tools and bonsai wire available.