Maple bonsai for sale in South Africa at Hennies Bonsai Nursery in Tzaneen, Limpopo.

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Maple bonsai allow growers to enjoy fall colours as the seasons turn, even in South Africa. The larger the difference between winter and summer temperatures, like in Johannesburg, the better the fall colour of the leaves will be.

Here in Tzaneen we have a very hot summer and winter is barely noticeable, so our trees are kept under shade netting, especially the Japanese Maple Trees and stay mostly green, changing to a rusty read over fall. We have seen maples from our nursery in the Highveld really providing showy colours once they experience a full season of the Highveld. We have more Trident Maple bonsai than Japanese Maple bonsai, but it really depends on the time of year you visit.

Want to buy a Maple bonsai?

As mentioned, Maple bonsai are often available for sale at our Growing Nursery in Tzaneen. To find out if we have in stock and book an appointment to visit the nursery, please complete the contact form.

Wondering what the price of a Maple bonsai would be?

Well price range really does depend on the tree you pick in the end. Older and thicker trees are usually more expensive due to the years of care and labour that has gone into them. We are confident that you will find a Maple bonsai tree that suits your budget at Hennies Bonsai, when you visit us at our growing nursery in Tzaneen.

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*Please note that we do not deliver and therefore we invite you to visit us in Tzaneen should you wish to purchase a tree.