Hennies Bonsai, the best place to buy a bonsai for sale in South Africa where the bonsai tree price is always great!

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The secret is out! You can now buy bonsai for sale in South Africa from Hennies Bonsai at great prices

People are often interested in buying a bonsai and might make a trip to their local nursery to find that they either do not have any bonsai on sale, or that the trees are of poorer quality than the trees seen in bonsai books, or at the other end of the spectrum, that the trees are marvelous but come with an astronomical price tag.
For anyone like that visiting our informal growing nursery in Tzaneen, it will feel like they’ve entered a bonsai dream where all types of bonsai at a variety of stages stand happily growing, waiting for new owners.

When it comes to a bonsai tree price, we have a tree to suite every budget so a price of a bonsai tree is determined by the final tree you decide upon. But there are some guidelines on bonsai tree price.
When looking at bonsai tree price range, the older trees usually cost more, and you will also find the thicker the trunk, the more expensive the tree.
There is everything from starter trees to fully styled older trees, in every shape and style available, and many trees that remain unshaped but are ready for a new home.
The reason we leave some trees unshaped is that bonsai enthusiasts who have gone past beginner level often wish to create a tree from scratch by selecting branches and the final design themselves over time. We also have field grown endemic trees, that really have some great character.
When it comes to a discount on bonsai trees, you will realise, whether you are an owner of a garden nursery looking to stock up on bonsai or a bonsai enthusiast, that all our trees are already at discount prices.
Few other nurseries offer such a large range of bonsai for sale in South Africa.
Although we have a website to inform the public of our informal nursery, we do not sel bonsai trees for sale online, rather we prefer that client come to choose trees themselves.
Small bonsai, or giant bonsai trees for sale, Hennies Bonsai welcomes you to come take a look.

With decades of experience in the Bonsai industry, Hennie Smit welcomes you to visit his informal bonsai Growing Nursery in Tzaneen and visit his private Bonsai garden to view his spectacular Bonsai collection.

Although we do not deliver to other areas of the country, we welcome both the public and garden centres to visit us for their bonsai needs. We have thousands of starter trees and Yamadori growing happily at our Growing Nursery, waiting for their new home.

Visit Hennie’s Bonsai, one of the largest bonsai growing nurseries in South Africa. Make an appointment today!


We sell our bonsai at whole sale prices to Nurseries and members of the Public who visit us at our informal bonsai nursery in Tzaneen, Limpopo, South Africa.

Our love for everything bonsai comes through in the care and maintenance of our quality starters trees, all the way to the best trees in Hennie’s Collection.


Hennie’s Bonsai doesn’t just have one of the largest collections of bonsai trees for sale in South Africa, but also often has quality imported bonsai pots, tools and bonsai wire available.