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The secret to bonsai is keeping the bonsai alive – Peter Chan

This remark might sound flippant to a person who has never had a bonsai tree, but in the end, that is a must in this hobby, and it is actually really easy to do.

Bonsai Tree Care is dependent on the climate you live in, and certain trees don’t do too well in the cold, while others don’t provide the greatest autumn colours in warmer climates, but bonsai generally require a deep thorough watering twice a week.

You need to look your tree over everyday to make sure that there are no signs of drought after a hot South African day, but also do not overwater, as overwatering and a pot that does not filter water out efficiently is a leading cause of bonsai death.

Many books on correct bonsai tree care are luckily available to the beginner, but we can advice you on the care of any tree you purchase from nursery our from Hennies Bonsai collection.

With decades of experience in the Bonsai industry, Hennie Smit welcomes you to visit his informal bonsai Growing Nursery in Tzaneen and visit his private Bonsai garden to view his spectacular Bonsai collection.

Although we do not deliver to other areas of the country, we welcome both the public and garden centres to visit us for their bonsai needs. We have thousands of starter trees and Yamadori growing happily at our Growing Nursery, waiting for their new home.

Visit Hennie’s Bonsai, one of the largest bonsai growing nurseries in South Africa. Make an appointment today!


We sell our bonsai at whole sale prices to Nurseries and members of the Public who visit us at our informal bonsai nursery in Tzaneen, Limpopo, South Africa.

Our love for everything bonsai comes through in the care and maintenance of our quality starters trees, all the way to the best trees in Hennie’s Collection.


Hennie’s Bonsai doesn’t just have one of the largest collections of bonsai trees for sale in South Africa, but also often has quality imported bonsai pots, tools and bonsai wire available.