Azalea bonsai for sale in South Africa at Hennies Bonsai Nursery in Tzaneen, Limpopo.


Satsuki Azalea, the beautiful flowering Azalea bonsai are great gifts for friends and any bonsai enthusiast alike, as they reward you every year with a showy display exploding into a cloud of flowers. When exhibiting our bonsai, our azaleas are usually the showstoppers as they represent the sturdiness of an old tree with their thick trunks and heavy pots, with the femininity of flowers crowning every branch.

Want to buy an Azalea bonsai?

As mentioned, Azalea bonsai are often available for sale at our Growing Nursery in Tzaneen. To find out if we have in stock and book an appointment to visit the nursery, please complete the contact form below.

Wondering what the price of an Azalea bonsai would be?

Well price range really does depend on the tree you pick in the end. Older and thicker trees are usually more expensive due to the years of care and labour that has gone into them. We are confident that you will find an Azalea bonsai tree that suits your budget at Hennies Bonsai, when you visit us at our growing nursery in Tzaneen.